Hank Hill proves WD-40 fixes everything.

Alone we Memorize. Together we Learn.

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Mr. Buck



Welcome to Mr. Buck's Website. 

This site will help you keep up to date with the classes and projects that are going on in class. When in doubt, ask a question of Mr. Buck or a friend. If they are not around, consult the website. 

DHS Auto Shop

Our Beautiful Auto Shop is located in a separate building from DHS in the Faculty Parking area. We are out "on the frontier" of DHS. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a sanctuary for all seeking knowledge through "Hands On Activities". 

I also would like to welcome Mr. Justin Morgan out to the DHS Auto Shop. This will be the start of his second year and we are looking forward to him being with us again.

We are a learning shop. We are always running on a shoe string budget and what the teachers have in their wallets. If you would like to donate to us we would be very grateful. 


We learn by doing.

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